Mural of Social Change project

This project centres around a scripted and voice-acted podcast that has been created as a resource for those involved in restorative justice (RJ) initiatives and education. 

The podcast itself is just under 1 hour long and details some of the ways RJ can be used to assist with healing and righting injustice. It follows the lives and interactions of two young people whose lives end up intersecting in unexpected and surprising ways. Though the initial stages of their relationship are negative they are eventually able to start healing and begin to move on with professional support and via RJ initiatives. 

We see this project as being a useful starting point in attempts to highlight how RJ works in real-world settings by taking audiences through the process and by highlighting how it can have lasting, positive effects on those involved. 

We do not see this as a static project and are currently in the process of creating a short-film based on a shortened version of the podcast script. We are also looking into creating companion materials (e.g. study guides and/or worksheets) which may be used alongside the podcast for any who are interested in using the project as an educational tool. 

If interested, we have copies of the script available for sale and we can ship one or more for $22.95 each. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions relating to this project, or anything else VARJ related.